We build ENTREPRENEURS from 0 to 1.
What is MEA?

MEA is the short form of Macross Entrepreneur Academy. The Vision of MEA is to empower entrepreneurs with comprehensive knowledge and skills, fostering visionary leaders driving innocative and sustainable business practices.

Mission Statements

At MEA, our mission is to provide unparalleled education, resources, and mentorship to cultivate the next generation of successful entrepreneurs. Through dynamic curricula, experiential learning, and industry connections, we equip individuals with the mindset, tools, and networks necessary to navigate the challenges of business management and create lasting impact in their ventures and communities.


We have established an extensive network with all the professionals, including Chartered Accountants, Income Tax Experts, Lawyer, Sales and Marketing Experts and etc. To educate entrepreneurs like you with the purpose of building impactful entrepreneurs, who could help Malaysia to grow.

The Team

Serene Song

HRD Corp Certified Trainer

Jason Cheng

HRD Corp Certified Trainer

Vanice Kho

HRD Corp Certified Trainer



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